Program Required System Restart with Every update......

I am using Comodo Fire wall and have been using it on multiple machines for the past 2 years or so. Although i have been back and forth between Zonealarm and Comodo in the past i stayed with Comodo as ZoneAlarm would always become a source of mischief and would get my connection stuck at times something that plagued Comodo for a while on last years versions.

I am currently running ver. 6.3.302093.2976 an i must say i am irritated with the software updates requiring a restart :-TD… every week :-TD… every month :-TD… every update :-TD… It’s almost 2014 and the one thing that Microsoft has manged to finally eliminate with Win7 and Win8 is revived by Comodo.

Now i don’t usually jump at a forum yelling help, i am usually the guy people ask for help. But i can’t “sell” your product anymore because not only are you annoying me with the “need to restart” issue but the people i recommended your software to just about had enough of alert popping up especially them not having the technical skill to deal with these alerts.

Also, on the rant train, take a note from ZoneAlarm’s book… when an application is installing or updating, there’s really needs to be a unified alert that is smart enough to ask the user for an “Allow” or “Block” only once… not 10 times for every file or processes the application is is trying to use. One of the great features ZoneAlarm applied when it was working properly was the application rules, very few alerts and a very easy to use GUI to overview all application permissions that were set by the user.

With that being said, I love Comodo… you guys are definitely getting there and have matured quite a bit from the first time i installed it. For me fixing the issues from the rants above are just about what it would take to make the program perfect ;D.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays.

I don’t accept that MS has “eliminated” reboots. The last set of updates I put on my WIn 8.1 system required a reboot, as they often do. It’s hard to imagine how most updates to an operating system, or to a product with a close integration with the operating system (like CIS) could ever be installed with a reboot.

Well not every Microsoft update requires a restart and generally, Microsoft doesn’t roll out updates that require a restart every week. Windows 8.1 will probably have it’s share of quarterly updates requiring a restart but that is expected with a “revised” operating system.

Essentially i was referring to the fact that installing applications using the windows installer or not… do not require restarts the way it used to be using windows XP. 2 years ago i got my office fully upgraded from XP to 7. It saves me time as IT having the end users work on an operating system that cuts the reboot procedures by at least 70% (not an exact number only my own very accurate and not very founded calculation).

I don’t think that CIS should require a restart for every weekly update not even a monthly or quarterly update. This is a programming issue that can easily be resolved by the Dev team with the understanding that Most end users are afraid of their computers… Less unnecessary alerts / happier customers! :wink:

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The below quote should help explain the need.

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