Program refuses to work after upgrading to new 2013 Software.

I wasn’t sure whether this is an antivirus issue or a defense+ issue so I posted here as this is the component that was giving me issues when I first set it up.

For a gaming community I am apart of I help administer their servers and protect against people out to cause problems. One program we use is called Sight Jacker. The program basically hooks into the game and allows admins to view other peoples screens to check if they have glitched outside the boundaries of the map. I have gone through the settings and added to every exclusion list I can find in hopes that one of them would enable it to work. I have tried it with that, I have tried turning off all the protections and tried to run it and I can’t get it to work right.

It will open and all that fine, but when I go to press the hotkey for it to activate, it doesn’t do a thing. Just sits there like I’m stupid or something.

Any ideas, suggestions or a fix for this would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

Is the program running as a trusted application either by you adding it to Trusted Files or it being whitelisted by Comodo?

Did you try adding the executable (or its complete installation folder) to the Exclusions of Shellcode injections?

Are you using v5 or v6?