program "refuses to communicate" [resolved]

I keep getting a warning from the Firewall that my Kaspersky anti-virus (5.0.391) is “refusing to communicate”. I set the noted executable to “trusted”, but I keep getting this message (which is a little annoying) as there is no “remember my selection” selection showing.
Is there anything I can do to let Comodo FW know that Kaspersky is OK?
If there is a tutorial or something about this, just let me know. I couldn’t find anything using search.

Welcome to the forums kailasa108

Unfortunately, there seems to be some issues between KAV/KIS and CFP. There are a couple of threads here:

Kaspersky/Active Virus Shield and Comodo

Re: Emule and bittorent tuttorials

Hope that helps


Hi kailasa108
As Toggie says there is an issue between KAV/KIS and firewalls. Here’s another thread that might help.

Let us know if you resolve your issue.


Hi again,
Thanks for your help! I DID resolve my issue…I UNinstalled Kaspersky…it turns out that the last update to this version REstarted another problem I was having with KAV - it wipes out System Restore points.

   I now use Avira Antivir Premium, and I recommend it highly - the latest version just added a built-in rootkit detector!!!  
   No problems with the FW since then.


That’s good news.

I changed to the Avira PE Classic a few weeks ago, has the rootkit detector too.
I like it, quicker scan and lighter on resources than avg, good scheduler and so far problem free.