Program Queries

When Comodo now asks me about a program, I don’t have a all the choices I used to, but only to allow it – not add to my trusted applications etc. All I can do is allow or block…

What happened to those choices, or is something wrong with my setup?

I.m running v3.95478.509

Chuck Billow

Hi CWBillow, take a look at the attached, is that what you’re missing?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Quill, yes it’s the “Click here for more options”.

I can’t lick there because it isn’t there to click.

That’s what I recall being able to do as an option.

Where’d it go?

Quill, I may have found it. I switched my configuration choice, then back again, and it seems to have come back to “normal.”

If I have any more problems with it, I’ll be back!



I notice you are still using 3.9. Please consider updating to the latest of 3.10.