Program not updating on one PC

I am running 3 PC’s under windows 7 and 4 laptops under Windows 8.1 in a single windows workgroup LAN - all running CIS premium.

Only 1 PC has the firewall opened fully to the internet while the other 7 are all restricted to just the LAN and a single IP port to allow updates of CIS.

All 7 restricted PCs and laptops are running version database version 23220 (as of today).

However, the ‘unrestricted’ PC is stuck on version with database version 23221.

It automatically updates on schedule as the secure box stays green, and I get no warning messages, so it all looks OK from the outside.

How do persuade this PC to update to the latest product - pressing the update button carries out a database update, but when it reaches the check for program update stage, it immediately states that I need to reboot, When I do, it boots back up OK, the green bar says secure - but I am still on the same old version.

Any ideas?

Not sure if it will help but try importing the database manually under help → about. Also run diagnostics under support.


Thanx. As I had mentioned, the database is updating OK. However, your suggestion of running diagnostics produced an error report, so there must be something wrong. Sadly the program gives no indication as to what needs to be done with the output. Should I post it here?

Apologizes at a glance I misunderstood. In the cases I’ve seen CIS will need to uninstalled/reinstalled if the diagnostics can’t automatically repair the error. On the other hand since your not at risk you could wait to see if someone else can assist you with other options.