program gets always sandboxed (should not) & doesn't remember the settings

When i use some Autohotkey script on some machine, it keeps on nagging doezens of times during each sessions, that this script is sandboxed. I’m telling CIS to NOT sandbox it, but it just won’ t stick. How can i force a program to never sendbox a certain application again?

Is this the same application you are mentioning in this thread?

Why are these progs sandboxed? Another big sandbox problem.

The solution I mention should help you out.

No, in that case it´s some special Autohotkey script, which removes the mouse cursor when scrolling in a browser or other application (so it´s not in the way while reading stuff).

CIS couldn´t remember in that case (on my machine it works), so we have to tell it again & again to not sandbox it.
Thx for your tip, to set it as an updater, this could also explain, why it works on my machin & not on the other.