Program (exe) calling other exe

I have ThunderbirdPortable.exe which calls thunderbird.exe (portable version of email client).
When i allowed it with option “remember my decission”, on new Windows start there is the same Comodo alert and i must repeat above action. I tried to assign it as “trusted app” and “windows app” - the same effect.

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If you are talking about portable Applications that are installed on USB drives - that is done by design.

Especially if you are reconnecting USB and it has different drive letters.
You may reduce the number of Alert if you will assign permanent letters…
…but until and if you used Purge function. In this case you will start over even having permanent letters set

Please read this thread and there is a description in my answer to Yuriy (Reply #14)

As I remember there are similar discussions if you search the forum, but I hope that one will be enough.

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Thank you for answer.
Yes, i use USB attached externa HD but it has always the same drive letter.
Also this effect appears with FirefoxPortable.exe.

This is on Vista 64-bit if this matter.


No, xyzt.

That’s not happening here.

I have two different sets of Portables
One set is on iPod “Shuffle” ,that is considered as Flash Stick
and another is on iRiva mp3 player, which has 40GB hard drive.

I retested both right now, because I used “Purge” recently.
The only Application that is not considered by Defense+ as Trusted after physical disconnection/reconnection of the devices is StartPortableApps.exe
That’s it.
There are no Alerts whatsoever when I am launching any other Application.

My only guess is:
If you are setting up any given application as Trusted (initially you may set “Treat as Installer/Updater”) - don’t forget to press “Apply” twice.
First time when editing the rules;
The second “Apply” is at the bottom of the Policies screen.

Well, I don’t think that Vista itself can bring any difference in this area… but who knows? I am not going to run that “OS” (so speaking) … ever



There’s one alert for ThunderbirdPortable.exe and next one for thunderbird.exe. Allowing it causes easy running app anytime. After reboot, situation replies.

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Hi xyzt ,

I just want to add that today after Rebooting and reconnecting USB external, I got the only Alert I’ve mentioned yesterday.
None of other Apps. that were launched previously were alerted.

I am not using Thunderbird, though. So that wasn’t tested.
Did you mean “remains”, when saying "situation replies ?



I decreased protection level of Defence+ and this resolved my problem.
Thank you very much!

I’m very thick in english :).
Situation (in my mind):
(1) Computer start → (2) Click on ThundPortable (TP) → (3) TP tries to launch Thunderbird (T) and Comodo asks whether allow this (I allow) → (4) T starts and functioning → (5) Close T (this closes TP also) → (6) click again on TP → T starts immadiately.
When to restart the computer - i must to go across steps 1-4.
This is what I mean “replies”.

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Since you are happy and it serves the purpose, it could be a solution, despite I am not sure that would be a good thing to do just because of the problem you are experiencing.

May be doing that temporarily, would be fine :-\

..."replies": I'm very thick in english :). ... When to restart the computer - i must to go across steps 1-4. This is what I mean "replies"

English is not my 1st language therefore I will settle down considering it as
“replicable” = the sequence of events can be precisely reproduced every time

Cheers! and thanks for “replies” ;D