Program exception [Resolved]

I use a specialist simulation program written in Basic/Fortran. The main application (sim.exe) is configured by a .DAT file which must be stored in the same directory. I can add this program as a trusted application and everything is OK.

However, I run many simulations and each one has to have its own subfolder with a separate copy of sim.exe and a unique .DAT file. Is it possible to add a rule to Comodo Firewall Pro to enable any instance of sim.exe no matter what subfolder it is stored in?

The application does not need network/internet access, it just uses direct disk & memory access.

I haven’t tried using wildcards in the rules, but you can give it a try.
In Defense+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy, click Add. You can’t write anything in the application path, but this can be fixed. Choose Select → Browse and select any file. Now clear the Application Path and either write *\sim.exe or use the folder where the program is installed (e.g. C:\Programs\Simulation Software*).
If you store all the subfolders in the same location (e.g. C:\Programs\Simulation Software), you can use C:\Programs\Simulation Software*\sim.exe as the application path.
Remember to add these to the Run an executable-policy for explorer.exe too.

Note that I haven’t tried this myself, so I can’t guarantee that it’ll work.


Many thanks for this. It worked just fine using …*\sim.exe as the application path. The sim.exe calls another executable, so I added a Run an executable → Allowed Application to sim.exe. So far no warnings when I run the programs in a new folder.

thanks again,

I’m glad it worked. I’ll close this topic now, but if you should need it opened again, just PM an online moderator. :wink: