program conflict

Dont know if anyone else is having this problem
But when my computer starts up it freezes up
when Spysweeper 5.2 tries to start
I also think it might be a conflict
with Spyware Doctor 4.0
Anyone else having this problem?

Yep, same problem with spyware terminator and winpatrol hereā€¦::slight_smile:

I think so, I upgraded to v2.4 yesterday and got a crash after the install.

I rolled back to the day before with Norton Ghost and tried again. I installed v2.4 this morning. But it locked up, Arovax shield was complaining about something at the time but the only thing that was working was the mouse cursor which showed a permanent hour glass, Ctrl-alt-del did nothing. Anyway rebooted and got halfway through the day when XP locked up again, same thing only mouse cursor moved. Ctrl-Alt-delete did nothing.

On reboot, same problem. Anyway, I have decided to roll back with Norton Ghost to V2.3.6.81, because the Comodo software upgrade is the only significant thing that I have done. I will wait for good reports on the next upgrade and will not try v2.4 again.

This may be no fault of v2.4 but I suspect it is.