program compatibility assistant and CIS x64 on Vista

Hey, I just installed Comodo x64 on Vista and the Program Compatibility Assistant is popping up telling me the “Program may not have installed correctly” and asking if i want to “Reinstall using recommended settings”. Any idea what should I do?



What type of account did you use for the installation of CIS, admin or limited?


Im not a mod, so i cant fully help you, did the installer say any errors

this should be a ok, since CIS is made Vista and you installed it under Administrator i would think its ok for a restart, check if everything runs fine after the restart, if you have any other problems please post again.

You already did, since I (new to Vista) didn’t even think to ask about admin until you did. :slight_smile:

No, no other errors, everything else seemed ok.

I’ll let fly and hope for the best.

If anyone knows the answer, one way or the other, please say so. I’d rather get it right from the start.

Thank you.

Vista will ask quite often even for program’s listed as Vista. If the program installed correctly (most times it does) simply ignore the popup (close it) and you will be fine. Alternately, you may answer it by saying ‘Yes, the Program Installed Correctly’.