Program blocked -- but where?

I have been using a program – GGSearch, – for several years. It seems that Comodo is blocking it .

GGSearch is a desktop access to But now, it won’t/can’t even open IExplorer.

I added it to my trusted programs, but that didn’t do it.

How do I “unlock” this prtogram?

Chuck Billow

Hey chuck, Is there anything in your Defense+\Firewall logs?

Comodo → Defense+/firewall → Events


There was last night…the program in questions path was there several times. I checked the (Defense + /View Defense Events) and the (Firewall / View Firewall events ) and they were both empty.

Then I executed the program in question, the the log looked as attached.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Do you have it set to “Trusted Application” in the firewall rules and D+ rules?

Check the executable’s rule in Defense+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy

Yes it’s listed as a trusted app.

Odd, It should give you a pop-up if it tries to execute another program and record it in the log if it’s been blocked.
I think probably the best thing to do would be to search through all your rules and delete everything to do with the ggsearch and delete them - Then switch defense+\firewall into training mode and try again.
Also just make sure that IE is a trusted application also…

OK, thanks.

That did it…

Now, if there were only an easier way to search through the rules when you need to find or delete them!

Also, I found several programs that had several entries. Is this right?

Chuck Billow

A search feature has been asked for in the Wishlist.

Same file multiple entries… Well, there is usually 1 rule in defense+ and 1 rule in the firewall.

I found some eighteen references in Defense+ / Computer Security Policy rules.


Thanks though all, 'cause that did fix it.