Program blocked, but can't find where it is being blocked


I have a small chat program that connects to a server. (Commfort)

After upgrading to Windows 10, the program is not longer able to connect to the server. I am not able to find what is blocking it.

The client connects to a remote IP using port 9750. I have set the rules to allow the program to access the net.

Windows Firewall is disabled. No other firewall programs are installed. I have reinstalled the client multiple times (deleting all files, and the ones under AppData).

I have completed disabled Comodo. All IP addresses and ports have been verified.

I ran netstat to see what might be blocking it, however nothing is listed for the program or the IP address.

I need to program for when I work at home. Any advice on how to figure out what is blocking the connection?

Install Wireshark (exclude ARP, DNS and broadcast) and see what it returns.

Can you ping the IP address?

When you say blocked do you mean it does not start? Does it show up in Task Manager? Or do you mean it gets started but doesn’t connect to the web and/or cannot be connected to?

Did you open the port for the program in Global Rules?