Program / Auto Sandbox conflict help

I am trying to run a program, MobileGo by Wondershare, that allows me to connect my phone, HTC Droid DNA, to my computer to do things like backing up messages and other useful features. The problem is that Auto Sandbox won’t allow my phone to connect to the program via USB cable. I can connect the phone and see it under “My Computer” and modify files within those folders, and I can connect to 2 other programs that I use for my phone, but not MobileGo. If I disable Auto Sandbox, the phone connects to the program. Can someone, please, help me set up Auto Sandbox so that it allows MobileGo and my phone to connect?

Thank you.

You can make an ignore rule for the auto-sandbox for application in question or your can define the application as trusted in the file list.


Please kindly define your application as trusted and you will have no problem. If you have further problems, please kindly let me know.

Kind Regards