Program allowed but not in security list

I have 5.9.221665.2197 installed.

I was having trouble with DisplayFusion downloading Flickr wallpapers. I had not used this function before today. While in ‘setup’ it downloaded an image… but when I hit Apply, it threw an error that it could not download the image file. It had the same issue with other download sites. DisplayFusion has been installed for a couple months, and has done updates, so it has accessed the network before.

I checked the firewall and found that none of the DisplayFusion programs were listed. After adding all 3 programs, the problem went away.

My question is… what other applications semi-randomly-firewalled?
Is this a bug, (or feature haha) or is it some option I’ve overlooked?

Whether or not firewall rules are displayed, will depend on your settings and the application. If you’re running the firewall in ‘Safe mode’ - the default - and you run a ‘safe’ application, unless you have instructed the firewall to create rules for safe applications - see Firewall Behaviour Settings - the application will be allowed but no rules are created. If you change the firewall to ‘Custom Policy’ mode you will receive an alert the first time an application attempts to access the outside world. You should also ensure the ‘Do not show popup alerts’ is unchecked.

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That is odd… I don’t believe I changed this setting. Create Rules for safe applications, but it was unchecked.