Program access?

Hi again!

Here comes another question.

Since I installed Comodo on my computer everything have seemed to work fine.
But at a closer look on my programs, requiring internet access, I notice that they are not working in their usual manner. They do access the internet but in a restricted way, telling me that there might be a problem with my internet config which I haven’t even touched. The programs I am talking about are internetgames, downloading programs and also my browser is acting kind of strange giving me unwanted pop-ups every now and then. This did not happen before I had Comodo installed.

Is there a setting in the firewall which can cause/correct any of this?

Thank you in advance.


We meet again.

Without knowing what those pop-ups are, I direct you to this thread for general info:,6908.0.html

Could be a result of many things. I’m thinking one of them is the Do protocol analysis option, which is enabled by default with good reason.

Another reliable indicator is your log. If you want you can upload an edited sample here.