Profile won't load in Administrator account after creating new windows user

“Your IceDragon profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible.”
I created a new windows’ user on my computer, as a standard account. Then I logged out of my window’s 7 primary administrator user account, (which had customized extensions, theme, and book marks in Icedragon,) and into this new standard account. In this window’s profile, I had a fresh instance of Icedragon with no customizations. However, when I logged out of the standard window’s account and back into the window’s administratior’s account, and then tried to open Icedragon, I got the error message as above. I can however, find my profile manually on my computer, but Ice Drogon cannot. Please help ! Thank you

fixed! I logged back into the 2nd account, my standard, non administrator account, and then chose “exiit” from the file menu and logged off as user in Windows, and logged in as Administrator account. I also ran windows chkdsk from cmd prompt as administrator. Then, it started up after that.