profile folders hidden by CSC ?

After installing CSC (CSC_Setup_1.1.63928.28_2k_xp_vista_server2003_x32.exe) my Profile folders under Documenst and Settings vanished. All the data was there, and I could manually get to “C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft” but the folders were no longer visible. I tried the obvious Tools–>Folder Options–>View–>Show Hidden Files and Folders… then reboot. Nothing. Then I uninstalled CSC, and still nothing. The only option I tried in CDC was a registry clean. I finally had to make manual changes to the following registry keys:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\SuperHidden] “DefaultValue”=dword:00000001


Can anyone guess why this happened. Pretty scary for a minute. Now I am wondering if any other file/folder attributes have changed. I did not roll back the registry, although I could. ???


In CRC, under the settings tab, do you have “Scan for unsafe files to delete” checked? This SHOULD NOT be checked. You may have deleted some unsafe entries. I would restore your last scan (provided you had “Create Backup before Cleaning registry” checked).