Product Version Comparison.

I am am currently using ZoneAlarm firewall (free) and considering to trial or switch Comodo firewall.

Am confused about the different versions of Comodo Firewall.
I’ve already scanned the FAQ’s etc. in the forums.

Please provide a comparison table of the features / differences for your firewall products.
Comodo Firewall – Free
Comodo Firewall
Comodo Firewall Pro
Comodo Firewall Pro Plus.

Or adivse me a link to a forum topic or web-site if there is already one.

Also - should I send the same enquiry to ?


I am not sure where you come up with 4 versions of Comodo 3.0. There is only one version of Comodo and that is Comodo Firewall Pro Free. The Plus is a protection plan and not directly related to the firewall. Read about it here. Its called AV Smart Warranty. Even version 2.4 was called Comodo Firewall Pro.


To a newb (me) they appear as seperate applications.

And confusing comparisons on your first page link.
Conventional - It slows down your PC
ProPLUS - Negligible impact on PC performance

Given the above, what does that make Comodo Firewall Pro Free?

Also - I already use a comprehensive AV application ‘ESET NOD32’.
Can Comodo be configured to run as ‘Firewall only’ ?
ie. Disable the anti Virus, Spyware, Trojan functionality.


For the Windows platform, Comodo have two firewall products:

Comodo Firewall Pro V2.4 (suitable for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003)
Comodo Firewall Pro V3 (suitable for Vista and XP)

Both of the above versions are free to download and use, even in a commercial or educational environment.

There is an optional, paid-for extra that can be used alongside CFP V3 - the AV-Smart Warranty. This is a service whereby you can have Comodo staff (via a remote connection) ensure your PC is clean from malware prior to CFP installation, clean any existing malware, assist in configuring the firewall etc. The AV-Smart warranty is not a software component that is added to CFP or modifies CFP.

The software you get when you download Comodo Firewall PRo Free is EXACTLY the same software yopu get when you download the PLUS version. The firewall is free, the add on services are not. There is no performance difference as there is no actual difference.

Can the firewall be configured to act as a pure firewall?

Yes. During the installation, there are several options - 1) Full install - CFP with Defense+ (Firewall and full HIPS component), 2) Leakproof firewall only (Firewall and leakproofing HIPS components only) and 3) Firewall only.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

There is no anti virus or anti spyware that comes with Comodo. I use NOD32 and Comodo also.

Thanks Ewen & Vettetech.
Satisfactorily explained.

Now I just have to commence the steep learning curve to set it up properly. Obviously not as simple as ZoneAlarm (v6.x).
With the fact that many reviewers complained that the app. doesen’t remember user responses in mind, I still have faith that it must be able to be configured properly, going by the very active forums.

I 've bookmarked several setup guides from the FAQ etc. so let the journey begin.!
However I’m sure to have a few more little obstacles along the way!

Cheers from Australia.

There is an extensive clean up procedure for Zone Alarm. Be sure ZA is completely gone before installing Comodo.