Product updated to latest version. Windows continuosly popup to update again.

I received on windows 10 20h2 an update to 7062. All seemed ok.
Now every 5/10 hours I receive a windows popup that ask me to update again like there was a new update.
Today i already seen it 5 times and I had to press no.

I think it’s a bug!

I’ll add a “me to” to this.

Even though CIS was succesfully (as far as I can tell) updated to 7062, it still downloads updates and prompts me to update again.

xgiovio & Soothsayer,

Thank you for reporting. We will look into this and get back to you soon.


In the meantime, as the popups were annoying me, I uninstalled and re-installed CIS (backing up and restoring my config) and I have not had the popup since.

Oh well, it seems that did not fix the issue. The popups are less often than before (i.e. once per day - in line with the frequency check), but they are still happening.

What version to you install if you re-installed an older version then yeah it is going to warn you of the new version, you need to use the official uninstaller and install using the latest version installer.

futuretech I’m sorry but I didn’t understand what you said

Yeah, it’s like Comodo can’t tell that the latest version is already installed. Very weird and annoying.
EDIT: I should also mention that I fully uninstalled the previous version and cleaned out any remaining Comodo related registry entries and files before and installing .7062 clean. This was not an upgrade from a previous version.

To confirm… I installed version from the full installer linked to in the announcement thread.

This is happening to me as well after I upgraded to version a couple of days ago, except it happens about every 30 minutes to 1 hour. Overnight, one of my PCs generated 15+ such pop-up windows that I had to close. It fails at the final step of “Downloading updates”. All this is despite turning off “Check for program updates”. It simply ignores that setting. I haven’t uninstalled/reinstalled yet to see if that will fix the issue. Will be doing that soon.

Separately, I upgraded to on another PC, and I am having different issues (that seem to appear on both v…7037 and v…7062) that i will post in a separate thread.


Come on guys… This is clearly some kind of issue on the update server side of things.
The very latest available version should not be being pushed to users over and over again if they already have it installed. Especially if the very latest version was just installed from a clean state (not an upgrade).

Can we get someone to actually take a look into this? This should not be going on endlessly for days!
If I have to turn off program updates from within the products settings I will do so, but having to take such an action is pretty counterintuitive.

We have tested it several times but we couldn’t reproduce this issue. I can understand from this thread that people from Europe & North America are facing this problem, I have contacted the corresponding team to check this. We will update you the status soon.

Thank you kindly for taking care of this. :slight_smile:

This is happening to me, too. Every few hours I get a pop-up to update.

We have tested it again with Europe network. No such issues found.

Could you please try this workaround, delete the Temp folder at this location “C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\Quarantine\Temp” and see if this problem occurs again. Need not worry about deleting it, CIS can recreate this folder again.

But before that, when you see a new update please click no and copy files from the above given location and send us for investigation along with the screenshot of pop-up to update.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, our developer can join a remote session at your convenience.

Also check C:\Windows\temp folder as I have seen CIS updates in that folder.

V12.2.2.7062 (Firewall only) Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 64-bit (clean install with all MS-updates)

Having set program/database update to 1-day/1-hour. System ran for several hours, no update popups happened. :-TU

I have compressed all the files in that location into a .ZIP for for you to look at and included the screenshot of the pop-up to update within the compressed .zip file.
I will report back within this post to clarify if deleting the temp folder works or not.


EDIT: Deleting that folder did not work. What it did was clear the cache of the downloaded program update, only to redownload it in real time as you can see within the following attached screenshot. The folder and files I deleted were instantly recreated ready to be installed again. I do thank you for the remote connection offer, but I am not comfortable proceeding with that option. Others may continue in that direction if they so choose. I still have my doubts that it’s an issue on my end. I won’t say that it’s not a possibility though. I do believe however that this issue lies on the update server. Or the latest product version Comodo released is somehow reporting the wrong info version to the update server.

I am willing to continue providing information and uploads and any other type of information, but remote connection is not possible.

Is the update server path location correct? [b][/b] ← This is what has been automatically configured to use by .7062.

The above link is where I downloaded Comodo Internet Security 2020 v12.2.2.7062

Yesterday, I deleted the temp files as suggested, but this morning I got the same popup again.

There does appear to be something going on with the update server(s). Using Firefox and attempting the download from this site, I was and still am getting the shown message. Clicking OK merely shuts the message and download choices down and clicking Save before the message pops up only downloads 9.48MB of the full 72.6MB

The only way I’ve found to download the full file is to go to the download arrow in Firefox and reload it, when it then completes the full size file as normal
I though it may be a problem with the Ram Drive R: which I use for the Temp folder on this system, but it obviously isn’t and every other application or file download works just fine, as did all other CIS downloads prior to this

(I don’t have the problem with the constant popups and I managed the full download originally and did a clean install)