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Hi Melih:

I would like to see a better participation by Comodo in these kinds of tests. I believe that Comodo would place very well in them, but for Comodo to consistently avoid such testing disturbs me. I think that you should get it out on public view more than has been done in the past. Frankly, I would like to see how my chosen antivirus suite stacks up in competition.

They already were in MRG but due to questionable practices, like changing testing methodology on-the-fly, like Melih presented PDF’s within hours while MRG needed days to alter text in the document and then publish it.
So MRG does not want Comodo anymore.
And honestly, MRG is not that high of a caliber. Sure they’re useful, but come on… A 0-day virus will eventually be detected before you reach it and they represent how a product is good for that specified ammount of time while being tested, not how it will preform 5 hours later, tomorrow, or ever.
It is Y O U who would be the ultimate tester by using it to see it’s performance, ease of use, effectiveness…

Also, see here:

Thank you for your cooperation, citizen! :P0l :-TU

Very nice links and very helpful, thanks!!!

Pleasure doing business with you, kind sir, stick around, post, communicate and make friends.

Im pretty positive that it wouldn’t score good in a most AV-tests as CAV is looking right now.

Comodo however prove it got the best antivirus by having the most people voting in polls.

Comodo however prove it got the best antivirus by having the most people voting in polls.

you meant the best motivated users.

it is not because millions of people like Pepsi that is the best beverage in the world ^^

No. It proves only that in that poll, the most people voted for it, which is no bad thing but nothing more.

Actually VIPRE was voted best in the antivirus category but I think we know what you meant.:wink:
CIS topped the Internet Security suite poll.