Product line for alternate OS

Hmm, it seems that some users have an interest in Comodo developing their personal product lines for alternate OS’s, such as Mac and Linux.

I would certainly have an interest in the Firewall being cross-platformed (not just ported through Wine or something), but an actual Linux application (well, Linux for me; I don’t use Mac). Since at present those firewalls, while very configurable based on iptables and/or ipchains, have (AFAIK) absolutely no support/control over applications. It seems you can possibly bind some ports to specific services, but not only does that NOT do the same thing that the awesome, powerful Comodo firewall do, it is not very user-friendly to try to do!

Note to all those users (no offense intended) who think that this firewall is too hard to configure: Try binding ports to services in the console of a Linux shell, and editing the iptables to block or allow connections! Ever tried to do programming when you don’t know how to program? Yep, that’s about what it is… ;D


I wholeheartedly agree, whoever is staff at Comodo and reads this, you have another vote for cross platform from me. I like all 3 platforms, Windows, Mac and Linux and I must say that I would like to be able to use Comodo on all of them.

Matt Segstro

It’s a great idea. Mac and Linux may be considered as more secure than Windows systems, but I’m convinced that Comodo compensate for this difference. Actually, the thought of switching to Mac has crossed my mind, but with Comodo on a PC I would feel more secure. So perhaps Comodo on Mac would be ideal for me. :smiley:

Yes I agree, Comodo on alternate platforms such as OS X and Linux would be great, it would be a user friendly way of controlling applications and services on each platform, much more user friendly than iptables and the other built in firewalls.

Yes, the Os X World is crying desperately for Comodo Firewall !!!

Enough said

I’ll throw in my vote. I just ordered my first ever mac today. Leaving the msdos/windows world behind after 18 years. :wink:

Congratulations to your Mac, Wheelie4, but how are you going to make it without Comodo?! I may switch as well, but not before next year. Maybe there will be Comodo security products by then. :slight_smile:


EDIT: as the cooling fan of my laptop makes a terrible noise, I whish I could switch computer today! I’ve heard that the Mac Mini is really quite, but I don’t know about the notebooks. And yes, I know that cleaning the dust out of the machine will help, but when the CPU is pushed to its limits, the fan will make its noise again… :frowning:

Sounds like a good idea, not only users of Windows should have this awesome security products. (:LOV)

Thx, I don’t know how I’ll make it without Comodo. I understand OS X’s built-in firewall is pretty good (much better than Windows) but I’d fell much better with a firewall from Comodo. Atleast I still have my hardware firewall (router) that stealths my computer. CFP and CBOClean for OS X would be freaking awesome and would definately rule the mac land.

+1 !

ROFL, thats funny. (:LGH) (:CLP)

90% Windows
5% Mac
5% Linux

I understand why Comodo develops internet security product for windows.