Product Dynamic Tests

Product Dynamic Tests March -June

Symantec did really good.

I am starting to think that Symantec its maybe doing the job?
How come COMODO its always coming in the independents labs with low rate and the Other ones with high rate?

I know the answer, not the right procedures in test, dont make “full protection” practice, blah blah blah.

If COMODO really worries about Symantec or other vendors saying 100% blocking, and COMODO says the same thing that blocks 100%, COMODO should also start worring about getting all things right at independent labs as others do.

I checked the methodology and my eye fell on this part:

We consider a protection if the system is not compromised. This mean that the malware is not running (or is removed/terminated) and there are no significant/malicious system changes
Assuming everything gets sandboxed then Comodo does not get credits, because the file is running, even though it is protecting.

This test does not take into account sandboxing as a possible strategy of protection. The methodology is biased towards detection.