ProcessLasso.exe continuously tries to access Cistray.exe in Memory

This is nothing the other day I got over 20000 blocked intrusions its really annoying cause I can’t see the important D+ Intrusions I have already set it to allow it but it continues

I’m using the portable version of the application and I had the same thing happen with one of the previous version of PL but I don’t have such issues with versions, and the latest So it seems the issue comes from the application itself although the developers are aware of it:

During our real-world research, we discovered that some anti-virus software has tamper detection mechanisms that are 'triggered' by simply 'looking at' their process. Yes, simply looking at them - something I've verified with their own engineers. We are working on some work-arounds so that these are listed again for v6, but the thing is that these processes should not be *touched* by the end user. This would not be a problem, BUT these software emit not one 'tamper detection' log event, but thousands and thousands -- to the point of slowing down some PCs. Don't ask me why they emit thousands of duplicate tamper detection events, you can ask them that . Anyway, to AVOID this, we do not even touch certain processes.

So try different versions, I prefer not to allow memory access permission to my main security application.

In Process Lasso you should exclude the processes cis.exe, cavwp.exe and cistray.exe from

  1. ProBalance restraint
  2. Energy Saver
  3. Foreground boost

After you exclude from all three, you should have a popup that says “ is now excluded.” (Unless you disabled the popup)

The Process Lasso rules column should now list “Xxe” for all processes.

You might need to restart your computer for all changes to take effect.