Processing Time For SSL Cert Requests

Hi All,

I have ordered an SSL cert through one of Comodo’s partners (UK2.met) and have validated my request with the automated system. Typically how long does it take to process a request and issue the cert, and is any more information likely to be required to issue a basic SSL cert?




Depending on the type of certificate you have ordered it can take minutes, 1-2 days or 5 days or more. Do you know which brand of certificate you purchased?


Thanks for getting back to me so fast.

My supplier (UK2) does not indicate the specific product type. I have the order number. Can/should I post it here (would it even help you?), or should I raise a support ticket?

I would like to have some indication of the status of the request as there is no status page showing what state the order is in. With the high level of filtering of e-mails due to spam (I have had issue in the past with mail getting “lost”) I would like to keep track of this order.

Let me know if the order number will help.

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Please submit a ticket via with your order number or domain name. Our Support Team can let you know the status of your order.