"Processing Changed Item" - but item is not changed


Backup Type
Incremental , Automatic Base

Backup Source
Files and Directories

Backup Format
Simple Copy

When I do a backup of files that have already been backed up to catch any new stuff, I noticed that unchanged files are listed as “Processing Changed Item” even though I’m sure that many of those items have not been changed since the last backup

How is an item defined as a “Changed” item?

In other words, there are usually only a few changed items since the last backup but CB seems to look at all items as either “changed” or “new”


An item is defined as changed when at least one of these conditions are true:

  • file sizes are different
  • file attributes are different
  • dates last written are different (or invalid)

Are the source and destination file systems different? (For example NTFS vs FAT32 or others)