Process of recognizing files

I think we (or more likely Comodo) have to do something about process of recognizing files…but I have no idea what. This is fairly common situation isn’t it? Let’s say you bought a game that was recently released on steam, so you download and start it, and most likely get a little pop-up saying “This program is unrecognized and has been isolated as partially limited”, well no big deal, you say, I can just add it to trusted files and even if not Partially limited isn’t very likely to get in the way of the game. True, but if you add it to trusted, you will have to do so after every released patch, and you could just leave it there since it doesn’t seem to cause any problems…unless you’re using “Limited” or higher. And so you end up with huge list of unrecognized files.

I know it’s probably not a big deal to most of you here, but it’s just without any indication of how long it will take to get this or that unrecognized file to be recognized, it feels like unless you report every last one of them to the “Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted” topic, they’ll be there forever.

Excuse me for this little…rant…I guess, but if any of you have any ideas about this, maybe Comodo could improve the situation.

That is what the wish list is for. :slight_smile: