Process Killer

Hi smart guys, I have a question:

Does anyone know of a free program that can kill protected processes (for example, I caught some virus somewhere and I couldn’t kill the process in Task Manager)?

If Process Explorer from Sysinternals can’t, I don’t think anything else can.

I use ProcX. It has 3 levels of termination. Try it. No need to install it, only 55 KB. Maybe it will work :wink:

The anti-rootkit software IceSword also works very well.
Also, if you’re using CFP with Defense+, go to Defense+ → Common Tasks → View Active Process List. Right-click the process you want to terminate and choose Terminate. :wink:


Thanks you two.

I agree with process termination within CFP 3 & Process Explorer very good for killing processes & identifying them.


Yeah, I tried to kill my antivirus program with it but I couldn’t. ;D

It’s still a great Process Info’er.