Process Info/Inspection: Feature Request

I have an idea that can greatly enhance the usefulness of the firewall and defense+ prompts.

Currently, when a new file/process tries to connect to the internet or do something sensitive on the computer, Comodo prompts the user whether to permit the connection or action or not. The information that Comodo gives the user about the process is limited to the name of the file and if the name of the file is clicked the properties window of the file is opened which at most shows the process path and maybe the author. This is good, but by no means enough.

Since most users simply don’t have much information about the files/processes running on their system, they automatically allow all the prompts, which is completely self-defeating for Comodo.

What can be done is to give more information about the processes/files to the user so that they can make informed decisions. This might seem rather difficult at first, but it’s actually quite easy to do.

All the needed information is already available on the web. All Comodo has to do is to extract the information from the sites that have it and display it to the user in its own interface, or at least offer links to online sources of info for each process by doing a simple search on behalf of the user (This can be done by making an agreement with the involved sites). (Of course the user can do his/her own search, but software is all about making things easy rather than delegating them to the user.) Here are three examples of sites which have process libraries:

Wouldn’t that be great for everyone? I’m sure this feature will greatly increase Comodo’s already high popularity.