Process Hacker

This is by far best the best system monitor I have ever used. Process Explorer was not functioning properly with the taskbar icon on Windows 8 so I had to look elsewhere. Glad I did.

Windows XP (SP2)/Vista/7/8, 32-bit or 64-bit

Portable version or installer available.

It’s open source and can automatically update itself.

is Killswitch from Comodo not based on Processhacker? O_o

is Killswitch from Comodo not based on Processhacker? O_o

It could be I don’t know.

Process Hacker is open source and can be modified or redistributed under GNU General Public License.

So it is possible that it is.

It is, but KS also has some bits added. I use process hacker portable 99% of the time but I also have process explorer available - I happen to like the TCP/IP tab in PE. Another one to look at is System Explorer

If you just want good network information, you could do worse that CurrPorts it has logging and also integrates with IPNetInfo Basically, this gives you the ability to right click on an ip address in currports and get a whois.

i knew it! :slight_smile:

Killswitch is all what i need, i don´t need more “explorers”.

I’m happy it works for you :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: but thank u for your info ^^

Actually no. It was initially, but wj32 (the author of ProcessHacker) wasn’t happy with the way Comodo was putting their additions in a .dll and said that violated the open source license. So to avoid any further issues, Comodo wrote their own version.

Thanks for the update. I knew wj32 was unhappy about the changes being made but I didn’t know Comodo had recoded their own…

Yes, Killswitch 2.0 debuted in CCE 1.8.