Process Hacker: malicious or false positive?

Why is Process Hacker 2.12

“reported to be a known malicious file” while it is only a useful application developed by a guy that posts also at Sysinternals (a Microsoft Forum)?

Well it obviously isn’t malicious since Comodo’s KillSwitch is a slightly modified and rebranded version of it. :wink:

Thanks for this application wj :wink: :-TU

The downside (for me) is that you can't take advantage of the plug-ins (e.g. View Hidden Proc's) while using the portable version. You must install the driver.

Is it true what this guy tells at wilderssecurity? ???

No, plugins don’t have anything to do with the driver.

I have submitted PH 2.12 for white-listing. That should fix the false detection (heur.suspicious). :slight_smile:

Seems that the triggering is now gone :slight_smile:

A small question to wj32:
I have had major problems with Process Explorer and CIS. CiIS is obviously not aware of the natural behavour of Process Explorer and other common programs.
You made the Process Hacker which until now haven’t been at war with my CIS.
Did you avoid accessing the CIS memory, or have you had the Hacker whitelisted somehow?
Best regards. Nuser

The reason PE keeps reading memory is that it’s badly written.