Process Guard or Not To Process Guard

I thiught I read somewhere that Comodo Firewall was going beyond the conventional and incorporating HIPS. If this is the case, my question is:

Would using Process Guard alongside Comodo add any further value. Iask this because PG is very intrusive an I want a simple life.



Once CPF has HIPS, then you don’t need another HIPS like PG or any other HIPS. Also the advantage of the Comodo HIPS in CPF will be it will utilise the certified list we have which won’t make it too noisy unlike other HIPS products.


I am not quite clear from your reply. Does the current version include HIPS? If not when will it be available

Thank you


the current version does not include HIPS.
Ver 3 will include HIPS.


Will there be an option to turn off the HIPS feature if you do not want to use it in the next version of CPF?

Most definitely!

We will never force technology! We will always provide the “option” to further secure yourself.


When will V3 be coming out? And when it does, will it be a hips replacement? (sorry, could help it…lol)


When it’s ready… ;D

V3 is aimed at the end of the year and it will have hips capability (optional). However this is a very preliminary date and almost guaranteed to change.


Yeah…a christmas present from the Comodo Team :wink:

Keep up the good work Melih (and your team) !!


I am confused. Is CPF going to have HIPS or is CAVS going to have HIPS or will both have HIPS? I personally REALLY like the idea of having your HIPS worked in with the Firewall.

Both will have HIPS…
firewall will have full HIPS… AV will have some HIPS (mainly application protection type of HIPS)…


That’s awesome. Version 3 can’t get here soon enough! (although V2 is doing a great job of protecting my computer already).

I wanted to ask one or two more questions. When you say that the Firewall will have Full HIPS and that CAVS will have some HIPS, will the HIPS in CAVS duplicate the efforts of the Firewall HIPS? Will the Firewall HIPS pretty much cover everything from entry vectors to application protection? And the HIPS in CAVS be orimarily application protection?

If you can’t tell, I’m excited. My goal is to simplify my security suite without sacrificing protection. And I truly think that your products will allow me to do so.

The way that we are doing it, the functionality will not be duplicated. Both applications are going to be aware of each other hence not duplicate and provide efficient operation. and yes you are right that firewall HIPS will do everything and CAV HIPS will cover the application protection.


That’s all good news. Comodo seems to be on the forefront of security in a very short period of time. That’s truly impressive.

When CPF V3 is relased, I should be able to take my secruity suite down to just CPF and NOD32. I can’t wait!

By the way, I used to run:

  1. NOD32…Stops most malware both viruses and spyware
  2. Spysweeper…Specifically for antispyware and sopme registry protection
  3. Spybot with tea timer…For spyware and registry protection
  4. Zone Alarm free…Stealth my ports. Limit incoming and outgoing traffic
  5. Spyware Blaster…Makes IE more secure
  6. Locked MVPS Host file
  7. Snoop Free…Detects all keyboard hooks. Stops Keystroke loggers.
  8. Ewido Scanner…Detect and remove trojans

So running just 2 programs is music to my ears!

Solo, I now run cpf and Nod32 and got rid of ZA Security Suite. Much better! Can someone please explain HIPS to me a little? I know the definition, but a little lesson would help. Thanks in advance. (:HUG)

OK…I’m no expert, but I will tell you what I know. So far as I can tell, there are 2 different types of HIPS.

  1. One type of HIPS prevents unauthorized programs from running on your computer. In a way, you can consider it a firewall for your executebable files (.exe’s). Every program that runs must first get permission from your HIPS. If the program is on your trusted or white list, it runs. If it isn’t on the list, you get a prompt asking you if you want the program to run. You can also put programs on the black list that alays get denied.

  2. A second type of HIPS that I have learned about in this forum prevent entry into your computer through attacks like DLL injections.

All I can say, is that a good HIPS provides another layer of security. Personally, I’m gonna wait for Comodo to release V3 of the firewall with HIPS. Until then, Comodo, NOD32, and SpySweeper do a pretty darned good job all by themselves.

Solo, Thanks I understand it better now. Can HIPS run side by side with anti-spyware apps like SS or Ad-Aware and AVG (ewido)?

I believe they can. But you ant to make certain that you don’t have more than one application running with “real time” capabilities. So with Ewido, you would turn off the real time piece and use it primairly as a scanner.

But trust me, if Comodo does as good a job with the HIPS part of the firewall as they have done with the rest of the Firewall, NOD32 plus CPF will be all you need.

OK Thanks! (V)