Process Access Rights - Modify... Indicator

Would be nice if the:-

Computer Security Policy
Application System Activity Control (via Edit)
Process Access Rights

button had some kind of visual indicatation that it contained additional
Allowed or Blocked Applications, maybe a ± indicator or Green & Red
dots on the button. It’s a bit tedious looking through them all just to
find there aint nottin there.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Maybe just a circle for NO CONTENT and a disk for SOMETHING WITHIN.
Same with all enteries in CIS, it’s a little disapointing to have to click on
summick just to find there is nowt there.

by the way, gud post Fartypants, I look foward to further posts

OK, I know this is not of major security concern, however, this is the GUI
section, is it not. ?