Procedure to completely remove/uninstall CIS 4.1

Due problems running CIS 4.1 with HP LaserJet Director Software, I unfortunately, need to uninstall CIS 4.1. Is there a procedure or uninstall tool for completely, and hopefully, painlessly, uninstall CIS4.1 from Windows XP Pro SP3?



Do I just use add/remove components or some other procedure? So far, the only procedure I have found are for version 3.x.

I don’t think you need anymore an uninstall script with cis v4 then in cis v3, and you should remember that such a script is unefficient in peculiar circumstances (e.g. localized versions, custom paths…)

Uninstalling from the appropriate item probably leaves drivers, files and folders, and registry inscriptions.

You can’t delete some of those files and folders if drivers are still running.

You must therefore either disable these drivers from autoruns, the easiest way, or boot in safe mode to delete them.
As far as cis v3 is concerned, the said drivers are cmdguard, cmdhelp and inspect, all as usual under \system32\drivers.
Cis also writes the following registry run entries:
cfp.exe at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
cmdagent, cmdguard, cmdhelp, inspect at HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services
guard32.dll at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Appinit_Dlls
When allowed to from safe mode or autoruns disabling, close the relevant services in windows services, and delete every of these sys and dll files.

The end of it is easy:
browse your disk and delete evrything relevant to comodo in program files and Documents Settings-Application Data (All Users).
Run Regseeker, delete whatever speaks of comodo in the registry clean item.

Delete all Comodo references in the Registry? What happens if you have another Comodo product (i.e., CSC, Comodo System Cleaner) that you want to continue to use?

Do we have to assume that people don’t know how to read, including in the registry, what’s relevant to one software or the other?

Moreover, Regseeker as suggested gives you the entire path of concerned applications: we are mostly interested here in drivers and comodo registry rules (a shame, really: as suggested elsewhere and for reasons of registry size, backup/import/export, they definitely should not).