Problems with Windows updates.

Okay so BitDefender 2009 and microsoft updates both say that i should install Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2-update. I try to install them, they say that it is installed and five minutes later the same messages pop up. Now this is quite irritating since it is somehow bugging my Windows Live Messenger, crashing it from time to time. Any advice how to succesfully intall it?

And still having problems. The frikking xml 4.0 core update just won’t install.

Humdidam. Anyone alive in there? :o

Please post more information about your computer OS (XP Vista/x32/x64 etc.) also what other security programs you are running also any other realtime programs running.
Someone might reply then hopefully.

The only thing I can advise is system restore prior to the update, the file that was download could be corrupt.
Or if not possible try searching for a large file download on that day at that time, you have to show hidden and system files.
Re the last suggestion only do this if you know what you are doing and your are sure it is the right file as if you delete the wrong file you might have to reinstall your OS either XP or Vista which one you have.

I have a similar issue right now with a Silverlight update M$ recently sent out. I have already come to the conclusion it is a corrupt file and have finally been able to disallow the installer from trying to install it.
I fully agree with Dennis2 on this.

Well i think i have Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition x32 (bit’s that is. I think), with Service pack 3 installed in it.
Other updates install themselves without any problems. But the weird part is that even the Bitdefender says that i should install that core update.

I also have XP Home SP3, and experienced no problems during the latest updates I remember, a package of seven and then another of one alone. Not sure about their names since I have updates set to fully automatic, but if it’s a critical onethat came out half a month ago, I must have got it for sure. Actually if I go to control panel > add/remove programs, I can see I have KB927978 and KB936181 of MSXML 4.0 SP2 (reportedly versions 4.20.9841.0 and 4.20.9848.0) --not sure what all this means.

Right there (in control panel > add/remove programs, selecting the concerned item, and clicking on “support information”) I can see a button to “repair”. You could give that a shot.

If I had to guess, the only thing I can think of is that the update got somehow interrupted once started but before finishing.

Another thing that should work, provided you have everything else in order, is rolling back to a system restore point prior to the trouble, and then updating again.

Nope. Nothing is working. Downloaded from the microsofts own page, and still keeps complaining. Any ideas of what other things could be wrong?

!ot!: Ha ha, my PC (Vista) is all wrong. It seems I have had every problem possible. Reformatting soon. :slight_smile:

As for why you had a problem: It might be because you may have turned your PC of before it was fully updated (a time before this), & because of this it won’t work now. Or maybe a program messed something up.

If you really want everything to work fine, one of the best suggestions I have is to reformat. :wink:

Heh, i think so too. Still, thanks for all the help you guys gave . Anyways, it is only one update. Other updates install themselves perfectly. Actually, i think i had this same problem with the windows authentication update, that checked if my windows was real or copy/cracked/pirated version. Wouldn’t install it after iunistalled windows and installed it back again. :stuck_out_tongue: