Problems with Windows Update and CRC [merged threads]

Today i reviewed the updates and i discovered the failure of two Office updates.

The error code was 0x80070643.

After some searching i found out that registry cleaners could cause this problem. So i restored the back-up of crc. After that is was able to install the updates for Office 2003 (KB957832 and KB951535).

It seems that a path to the original installation source should be kept in order to let the update process function as it should.


Ditto that!

And until this correction is made to CRC, which registry key(s) do we need to add to the ignore list to prevent this from happening again?

Hi dude’s and dudeies (:NRD)

I started using Comodo Registry Cleaner a few days ago. Today when Windows update wanted to install security updates for office, I received an error message that the office service was not running. So I checked. The service was started. Hmm what now? elite as I am (:WIN), I immediately think of o Comodo Registry Cleaner that I’ve run the other day. I restored the registry and Volla! updates could be installed. I can send you that registry file if I get an e-mail address.

PS: Only safe entry’s was removed when this happened.

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UNCHECK In-Depth Search and Fire that CRC again… 100% Safe

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That’s why you have Backup & System Restore Point to restore your Registry! :slight_smile:

CRC is very safe with “unsafe entries” unchecked, That’s why it’s unchecked by default. Regarding LEWIS HAMILTON’s smiling, His been doing that for months. :smiley: So it’s normal… haha. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello blackkatt (:WAV)

CRC destroys my PC before… But I learned the importance and value of CRC that’s why I make a QUITE series of Test on my Own without asking anyone here… If you where to ask me, Hmmmm… UnCheck IN-DEPTH SEARCH before running CRC… I tested it on my Clients and relatives throughout the World…

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Josh did you read my post? this happened even thue I did not remove any unsafe entry’s

and btw LEWIS HAMILTON it can take sometime before you realize CRC messed up or any Reg Cleaner for that matter.

registry file ??? you mean the CRC backup file?
how about post it here? (click the additional options under the message box when you type a reply and attach the file (:NRD) so ppl from Comodo can fix it :-La

The reason for that is because its unsafe todo so :THNK

Same as me

Greetings blackkatt (:WAV),

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Could you let CRC scan again and take some screenshot pictures of it ?(How to take screenshots)
Then we can review them and pass them to the developers so they can fix this in future version.

Your help is much appreciated :-TU


You and Xan is. . . "THE BEST IN WEST"
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Topics merged :slight_smile:


Thx, who’s the best in the east then ? :wink: ;D >:-D
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Hey Xan...

Maybe its JACOB! hehehehe…

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but enough !ot!, I’ll keep waiting for the screenshot :slight_smile:


OFC! I will do what I can. Isn’t it easier to just view my registry files? I’ll add them and send you the password to extract, don’t want to make them public, I’m paranoid (:KWL)

Problem detected from two runs with CRC

  1. Windows update (office security updates, unable to install)
  2. eXtreme Movie Manager (causing database error, removed some important “files” for windows database something.)

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ll forward this to one of the developers :slight_smile: thx for you help


Thank you :Beer