Problems with Websites

Google mail has been telling me for ages that “This version of Firefox is no longer supported”, no probs. But now the web booking of one of the leading European hotel chains (Louvre Hotels - has stopped working even though it still works perfectly with Firefox on my Android tablet. Try it: go there and enter any French place name in “What is your destination?”, any date you like and watch how it just brings you back to the page you’re already on.
W7, Comodo ISP

Works fine for me. Firefox 38.0.6. Test with restarting in safe mode by holding down shift and then starting Firefox.

Talking about Ice Dragon Thought I was on Ice Dragon page

Hi Den bean,
I imagine it could be that CID is behind with version releases.
Comodo does plan on playing catch up.
If you are comfortable using a Beta version, see the link below.
Comodo Ice Dragon Ver 37 Beta is now available

Kind regards.

You are just saw Firefox. Didn’t realize a website would see a fork as still being Firefox.

Hi sAyer,
Site says you’re using an (almost) outdated version. Please update your browser [merged topic]

Kind regards.

Hi Den bean,
CID has been updated, this might solve some of the issues.
Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_38 is now available for download.

Kind regards.

Thanks, captainsticks, got it, tried it, no change. Tried on my laptop which still had 26 (don’t know why I didn’t try this earlier) and there was no problem so it seems the fault is in my PC: sorry for making a fuss without all the facts.
Meanwhile, Gmail has stopped the “Unsupported version” warning.

Hi Den bean,
That is no problem. :slight_smile:
It might be worth clearing your browsing data on your PC.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the suggestion but my browsing history is cleared down every time I close CID; that is twice a day. I’m from the (very) old school ;). I’ll sort it when I have the time.
This thread closed but see new posting re missing add-on bar & other stuff.