problems with virus-protection

Hi! When I decide to now, how strong my CIS (most actual version) protects me - I was shoked, 'cause after downloading that virus-archive and scan that I recieved that -

  • what You think about it? How I can protect my OS on maximum in this situation?

Edit by EricJH: removed the url but kept it for reference.Would you be ok if we submitted this archive to Comodo to add to the av database?

Would you be ok if we submitted this archive to Comodo to add to the av database?

maybe, but I think, Your AV-database must be more…also, I can give link on yet virus archive, where CIS gave near to this scan’s results! (link removed by Moderator) but one problem…this link on Russian Language… You can translate it to Your language? Tnx!

Just for clarification, I want to understand, what went wrong here?

I see someone with a Russian? CIS4 scanning a computer and finding a lot of malware. Why is this bad, I thought this was the purpose of a anti virus program. :-\

he is useing CIS v3.xx. he is probabely talking about the detection rate… 88)

How did all that malware get passed defense +?
Defense + (if configured correctly) will stop any malware getting onto your system.

He was scanning an archive with malware in it. The malware was not running on his system.

Oh I see,thanks for the explanation.

I hope all those samples were submitted to Comodo by a mod.
The detection rate on that sample zip file is kinda scary.
Shouldn’t generic signatures or heuristic kick in in such cases? I mean come on, 58 hits out of nearly 5000 samples.

The samples were submitted by me at his request. Actually Nikita sent another batch today that I submitted several hours ago.

Sigh… Virus should not be protected, they should be eliminated. :smiley:

I think the original poster has the habit of downloading from risky sites.