Problems with updating (Very slow speed)

Hello Comodo

First of all thank you for a great Security Package I really love it but,
what can I do so it can download the Virus Database a little bit faster?
The computer is just reinstalled and I have a 20 mbit internet connection.

The speed you see at on the picture was where it peaked, but it is going from 0,35 KB/s to 12 KB/s normally

EDIT: sry that I did not give it some hours before I wrote because now after about 2 hours trying to download then it has now going up to around 150 KB/s, so that had may be “just” been server problems

I’m not able to download the virus database since 1 month or two… plesa help me ! I’m in Sénégal and the connection is really poor…
Thank’s per advance

Please try the methods described in this topic to get the full database downloaded manually. I’ve seen that often when users have this problem they can resolve it by downloading the first database update manually.

Please let me know if you run into any other problems.



:a0 I Thank you ! I LET YOU KNOW