Problems with updating Firewall and BOClean [Resolved]

I have:
WinXP SP 3
Comodo Firewall Pro
Comodo BOClean 4.26
The Internet - Dial-Up

I had a problem with updating Firewall and BOClean. There are not updating the programm and base (in a manual mode). Shows a mistake 106 (it is impossible to connect to the Internet). Thus in Firewall on BOClean there is a sanction, and fireproof wall Windows is disconnected. Earlier updating occured normally. Probably, problems have begun after installation Win SP3. Reinstallation BOClean and Firewall of results has not given.
Help me, please!
Thank you for advance!
Good bye!

had this problem on vista found anti virus was stopping download

I have AVAST Home antivirus.
But when I switch off antivirus never change with updating.

Ok so what I gather is BOClean is not updating and Comodo is firewall is blocking it. Simply add BOClean to the firewall and D+. Make BOCleans updater an updater in D+. You can also try putting D+ in training mode.

At least on some systems BOclean and CFP do not interact well. I’ve reported this bug here, along with other D+ bugs, but still received no support:

Simply adding BOC to firewall and D+ doesn’t work since on my system (see link) D+ is unable to learn anything about 8.3 pathnames.

Works fine for me. Are you getting any logs of your problem?

I made as you said: add BOClean to the firewall and D+; make BOCleans updater an updater in D+; putting D+ in training mode.
But there was changing nothing. BOClean and Firewall don’t update and show everytime Error 106. But there are not any notes about in event journal of firewall.
May be I need send you any log file. So could you specify: what log file I need send (where I can find it and which way I need send it)?

To view your log go to D+/D+ Events. See if there is something blocked.

Runnig CFP . When attempting to download updates, get “error 109…internet connection interrupted.” This started after changing from slow dial-up to AT&T/Sierra 881U wireless. cfpupdat.exe was referred to regarding the problem.

Running XP Pro Sp2
AOL 9.0-S
AVG ver 8.0.100
Spyware Terminator ver2.2.1.433
Spyblaster ver 4.0 (:SAD)

Yesterday Firewall and BOClean (base) were unexpectedly safely updated.
Thanks for the help!

It seems no CF bug here. Most likely it is about Comodo servers load.
Anyway thread will be closed, if issue returns PM any online moderator to open.