Problems with update downloads? (EU) [resolved]

Three of another forum users have reported download problems. They said that the process will go until a random percent then they’ll have an error, the last of them was able to see 96% then the error message came up with Nr 109. Where can be the problem? Does CPF checks connection qualities between the servers?

The only thing i could recommend to them is to get the latest English, then the Hungarian addon. Any other ideas?

Any news on this? (another usual error number is 106)

Hi Arkangyal

You could go to Comodo Support, register on their system (if you haven’t already) & raise a ticket on this issue. You might not get an answer until Monday, but the issue would be logged & they will respond.


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Update Error 106/109/10x,2104.0.html,7592.0.html,7956.0.html

Thx for the links, especially for the 2nd, Soya.