Problems with uninstalling using Revo Uninstaller

i used revo uninstaller to uninstal CIS and in the registry part it told me to delete a registry value that had to do with internet explorer and anti-phishing. does anyone know what registry keys revo uninstaller should delete?

it tells you to only delete the BOLDED keys, but it has happened to me before. it marks reg keys that don’t have to do with the uninstalled program, so i stopped using it.

then how do i uninstall it without risking messing things up by doing it manually.

either don’t use Revo in advanced mode or don’t use revo at all and use control panel add/remove programs (both options won’t search for reg keys).

there’s a risk with any type of registry cleaner, you just have to be careful about what you delete.

Have you tried the uninstall in safe mode?

whats the benefit of uninstalling in safe mode? i always here people say that. will it solve my uninstalling problems like get rid of leftover registry keys so i don’t have to manually delete them?

A benefit could be that then there won’t be a program using the file; & it is more likely everything will be removed.

This is to lizard777 and ALL the others in this string. I have used several uninstallers and Revo is my favorite. The only other kind that can do more uninstalling of remains is a software that is constantly monitoring all installs. And they have their issues, like undo-ing other unrelated things that you need to keep.
I use Revo on my machine extensively since I install LOTS of other softwares to test. And all of this software has to be taken off. I know that it leaves a few remnants, but they are not significant and I know where they usually are (app data is one). I know I could be using a mirror image and reinstalling from that after I am done. Or using a virtual machine (got one) but there are reasons that I don’t do these methods.
Back to the point! I always make Revo take the most aggressive options, Advanced uninstall. THEN when the discarded softwares’ uninstaller is finished, they often ask you to reboot. DO NOT DO IT. Continue to let Revo use the next step. After a short wait,- select All registry entries - then delete All files. Finished, THEN reboot if required.
After doing this thousands of times on many machines, I HAVE ONLY SEEN REVO MAKE A MISTAKE ONCE and there is no evidence that if I had let it do so that there would have been a problem ( I stopped it).
This is what always happens when you follow these directons. Revo will show say, 23 registry entries when only 7 are indicated as correct. Select ALL and Revo still deletes ONLY the correct ones. I have seen some programs write several THOUSAND registry entries (like Snagit, ugh) but Revo still handles them well. If you need to dig further into the registry than Revo then you HAVE to skilled enough to make the right decisiions and you need an AGRESSIVE registry cleaner (there are often too many to take care of with just a registry editor).
CAUTION, Comodo registry editor is very agressive! I happen to prefer the registry cleaner of CleanMyPc but I also use the Comodo reg cleaner.
The next function of Revo is to locate all the leftover files. This is where I saw it make its’ only mistake, ONCE. It listed a file that clearly belonged to something else. Paying attention kept that from being deleted.
If somebody has information of a better way of uninstalling than this then I am eager to hear about it.
By the way, I am here because I am stuck getting my Comodo firewall reinstalled (after seeing “updating” constantly fail, then several things got flakey). Any install comes up with information that I currently have a previous installation of Comodo firewall (not).
Hope I helped.