Problems with uninstalling CIS

:smiley: I’ve tried to remove CIS from my computer many times with no success, I’m getting the message “A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\windows\installer\cis_setup.msi” and when I go to the file location the listing is reported as being in “program data\comodo downloader”. This has caused my computer to go to the Blue Screen reporting that my computer has shut down to protect it. I tried to remove all of the programs associated with CIS but can’t seem to do so.

I have CCleaner installed and it wasn’t able to remove it, nor was I able to remove it through windows add/remove programs in control panel. It informs me that I need to reboot but after doing so nothing happens, the program is still there. Is there a program that I can download to completely remove CIS from my computer? I can’t install any other Anti-virus software until this is removed, when I try to install anything else I get the Blue Screen Of Death. !ot!

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For problems with Windows installer, like the one you are facing, you can use Windows Installer Clean Up utility. This tool cleans up all installer related traces from your computer. It will allow you to run an (un)installer where it was getting blocked because it couldn’t find a needed file or says the products is already installed.

This tool does not uninstall a program.

After removing the CIS entry see if you can start up the uninstaller. If you cannot start the uninstaller boot Windows in Safe Mode and run this clean up tool.

When done boot Windows again and CIS should be gone.