Problems with todays Microsoft Security Updates

Todays Microsoft Security Updates seem to have a bug ?

I am referring to todays Security Updates for net framework for XP.

Even though you can download and install the same updates 3 or more times successfully (recorded in History) The update icon reappears telling you to download the same files again.


Hi UncleDoug,

You are right - that’s what happening … and not the 1st time, as a matter of fact

The easiest way is: Uncheck all updates > Cancel > Check - “do not show any more…”
That worked in the past & is working here now

There are several suggestions by MS which could be found, but because those can be individual for specific updates I would refrain from following at the moment and wait until the next update
As an example, see the link below That’s quite old discussion; you can find more recent ones :slight_smile:

Well, rebuilding and reinstalling MSXML, etc. most likely is unnecessary this time as it was not needed yet from similar previous cases from my experience.

Here is a link


Microsoft corrected the problem. When I restarted my PC no Security Update shield appeared, I then manually scanned and still no express updates were needed.

I was suprised that only net framework files were needed this time.

SiberLynx thank you for those links