Problems with the variety of IP-range

How do I resolve this in the network policy? I’ve always got it to work until, that is variation in the IP address of the last digits such as “134.84.24.XX” and sometimes it is. “XXX” how do I make the proper setting so that the firewall accepts both 2 well has three digits?

To make me an IP range as "134.84.24.XX ‘- 134.86.24.XX it will not work when it is’ XXX’ the last IP numbers.

Once I add a further construction, so it will not really fully optimized, when adding two separate structures which IP numbers to be accepted, and which will not be accepted.

Hence, I wonder a smoother way to solve this.

I’ve always got Comodo to work until this problem appeared.
Hope I have explained so you understand what I mean.

Thanks in advance.

as you dont specify for what exactly you would need that range, i can not be sure if my suggestion will be the right thing to do.
but “range” means a whole sort of numbers. when you want to accept a “range” from 123.45.67.x to, simply write the lowest ending and then the highest ending. that means “range”.
i dont see why you should not be able to do it, whether if its x(0-9), xx(10-99) or xxx(100-255). in the end it can be 1-255, thats the whole range possible.
for example: to (as i said, i dont know if you need to allow the whole range. that is just how it would look).

but if you just want to allow SOME ip, and not all from…x to xxx, you wouldnt use a range, but some numbers.

Edit: I did a cognitive misconception, when you confirmed what I thought was right. So I went through the structure again. Thanks for your help!

For me this would be the logical (as you type).

However, it does not accept traffic when there are three digits.

I was thinking just as you regard this.

Just as you enter the IP range, it is exactly what I ask for that function.

But when I troubleshoot what is wrong, so the problem arises precisely when the difference in the IP number I get assigned (dynamic IP number).

Therefore, I become confused.

The bottom line: I write firewall design with three digits (the last) it will not work when there are two figures, I write three digits, it will not work when it is 2.

i dont really understand what the problem is.
tell us exactly what you are trying to do, and we can help you to do it.

there is no difference in function if the last number range is from 1to255, or from 100to255.

why do you need that range for your “dynamic ip” anyway?