Problems with serv-u FTP daemon

I’ve used serv-u with NIS for years. Now I cannot use it with comodo.
It only allows connection if comodo is off.
The first rule in the row is
allow tcp or udp from / to any ip source port = any, destination port = 21
of course, serv-u is listening on port 21
I have 12 hours to resolve this
It was also not easy to set up vnc,but somehow I’ve managed it

Hi tlantos, welcome to the forums.

You rule doesn’t look quite right as you’ve posted it… if you have a single Network Monitor rule that specifies both the Source & Destination Port as both 21, then this is unlikely to work as the Source and Destination ports will not both be 21, only the Destination port for incoming connections. Perhaps this topic may help, Egemen is CFPs Lead Developer.

I would also like to point out that CFPs Log (Activity tab) can be used as a diagnostic tool to see what rules you need based on the blocked entries in the Log.


I’ll try. I’ve checked the log, and it seems, that an application monitor catches svchost.exe.
If I turn off application monitor, ftpd works fine.
I’ve created an allow all rule for thest purposes for svchost.exe, but even with this, it’s still not working, only if I turn off the app. mon.

still thinking… :slight_smile:


Hi Tibor

Perhaps if you posted an example of CFPs Log entry for the SVCHOST block we could help you.

let’s give it a try :slight_smile:

Date/Time :2007-05-28 21:13:13
Severity :Medium
Reporter :Application Monitor
Description: Application Access Denied (svchost.exe: :0)
Application: D:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe
Parent: D:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe
Protocol: UDP OutDestination:

OK, I do not think this block is related to an FTP Server at all. This is more likely to be a Windows component (eg. Windows Updates). The SERVICES-SVCHOST relationship should not be blocked, otherwise Windows functions will fail. SVCHOST is the Windows Services Internet gateway. If an Windows Service needs Internet access, then it will use SVCHOST.

Did you block a SERVICES/SVCHOST alert “Remembered”?

If it was blocked, not remembered then a simple reboot will clear the block. If it was blocked remembered, you will need to review both the Application Monitor & the Component Monitor and remove all blocks for either SERVICES.EXE or SVCHOST.EXE.

Are there any blocks relating to your FTP server in CFPs Log?