Problems with selecting Predefined Security Policy in Defense+

I have been using the firewall component of CIS without problems for about two months, with all items set to Custom security policy in both Firewall and Defense+:

(Revo Uninstaller somehow got setup as Installer or Updater on its own).

In recent days, in the pursuit of perfection I decided to try changing security policy from Custom setting to Trusted Application, Web Browser, Email Client, etc., as advised in the Help section at the bottom of this page:

To avoid unexpected problems that might come up when you edit existing policy, I wiped out all policies with the intention to start from scratch:

However, there seems to be a problem with policy selection in Defense+. After starting the first application the Defense+ alert popped up, but under “Treat this application as” there were only three options listed instead of five:

  • Installer or Updater
  • Windows System Application
  • Isolated Application

The remaining two options, most importantly “Trusted Application”, were missing (all five options are shown below):

I selected “Isolated Application” and all hell broke lose. Start button wouldn’t work, clicking on Comodo icon in the System Tray wouldn’t open it and hitting Alt+F4 to restart the PC resulted in a very funny message:

“You don’t have the permission to shut down or restart this computer”.

Shutting down PC with the power switch and restoring partition C from disk image was needed to go back to business.

I am sorry to hear you chose to do a fresh Windows install.

You could have solved it by booting into Windows Safe Mode, starting CIS and removing/changing the rules you made for the program you chose to isolate,