problems with searching [Resolved]

I recently had big issues with zone alarm and after some research decided to give Comodo a try once I was able to get rid of zone alarm which turned out to be harder than I thought.

I am having a weird problem and I am not sure if its something I did when I set it up or what.
When I open internet explorer it works fine and loads google (which I have as my homepage) I can click on links on the google page and they load fine but if I try to search (from the google page or with the google toolbar), go to a favorite, or type an address into the address bar the page won’t load. If I turn off the firewall or lower the settings to allow all everything works.
I appreciate any help I can get.

Hi and welcome. Is your version of cpf
If so see [url],626.msg3865.html#msg3865[/url]
and see if this helps.

Thanks for the info. I tried the instructions in the post but I found I don’t have the “add after” option to insert rules. So I uninstalled and re-installed and paid more attention to what I was allowing and denying and everything seems to be working ok now. Must have been something I did when I installed it the first time I guess :-[

Hi, glad things are working ok now. :slight_smile: This rule is needed in certain circumstances.It is a default rule in the cpf beta version and hopefully will be added in a later release version.


Yes, this rule should remain when CPF 2.3 beta becomes a stable release.