problems with screen when Comodor is active.

Hiya all I am new to this forum so bare with me if I make mistakes.This morning I needed ‘Live Help’ from BT whilst we were initiating the contact, Comodor screen was active but was also blocking the ‘Send’ button on the page thus preventing the Help guy and myself from interaction, we had to postpone the transaction, consequently I never got my problem solved.
Is there any way that I could have reduced the screen size of Comodor pop-ups, I appreciate that it is small as it is but , that does not help and will prevent me from getting any "Live Help’ from BT.
Hope you get the jist of what I am saying. Thank you

Hello Pollyanna, Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

1# I think I understand you, Were these pop-ups asking for your intervention? Or just displaying information? I suspect what you may be talking about are the “Balloon messages”… To disable these (It does not affect security at all) Right click on Comodo and click Display Balloon messages There should not be a tick next to it.

2# If you are referring to the Defense+ alerts or Firewall Alerts - you Can just answer the questions that they provide you to make them go away.

I think your talking about the 1st suggestion, I just put #2 incase.