Problems with scans and updates!


I recently installed CAV, firewall and anti-malware onto my laptop which runs on windows XP. Everything installed properly as it should do, but on the status screen of the CAV it says that it has never completed a full scan. When i click scan though it appears with the message “Unable to perform requested option. Number stsnc017” Also when I click on any other virus scans or try to update the CAV it comes up with other messages such as “access denied” or other such messages preventing me from accessing the scans etc.

I have checked the forum and other resources and nothing has helped me so far.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



Please remember that CAVS is still a BETA product and is still in development. We are expecting a new version very soon which should also reach the quality of the new firewall 3 quickly.

In the meantime you might want to try a stable antivirus such as AVG Free, which as the title implies, is free until CAVS 3 is released. I doubt very much that CAVS 2 BETA will be updated with bug fixes as all attention seems to be focussed on version 3.