Problems with retrieving Yahoo mail

For the past several weeks, I’ve sometimes been having problem bringing in email from Yahoo Mail (free) via Mailwasher Pro and Sylpheed email client. Mailwasher’s Get Mail and Wash Mail will run on and on at the Yahoo mail, as well Sylpheed before quitting. The settings for Yahoo in those programs are correct and the “sometimes” verifies that. But I’m wondering if CIS, perhaps the Firewall, could be blocking this intermittently. Any ideas? thanks. This is Win 8.1 Pro x64, CIS

Yahoo is known for this problem, it sometimes happens to me too. The firewall will not act “intermittently” so it’s not likely to be that. Do you use POP3 or IMAP for your emails?


I am just thinking out loud.

Are you using Privdog (the standalone version)? I have noticed with certain beta versions, before it went final, it may be interfering with fetching yahoo mail. I am currently using one of the test versions ( because it does not upset WMI Service. I don’t know if the official release version interferes with yahoo mail.

No privdog. Anti-malware is CIS and MBAM Premium.